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Company Arcus International s.r.o. was established in 2004. We wanted to develop a company with extensive industry expertise on both local and international markets where company leadership focuses attention on how our products and services could define and meet technical specifications required by the private and industrial sector.
Quality means time and emergence. Continuous elimination of insufficiencies must be in the interest of every company. We feel, that our responsibility is to constantly monitor and observe new tendencies in our area and subsequently implement them to our internal business system in order to occupy a good position on the market.
Our company has two main section: manufacturing and commercial section. Our aluminium products are manufactured merely on german branded „elumatec“ and „rotox“ production units. In order to prevent any possible inaccuracies during the manufacturing process, the service engineers of our german partners are continuously monitoring the precision settings of our machines and adjusting them if necessary. Quality inspectors measure or test every product to ensure that the business is achieving the standards it sets for itself. Our quality managers are concerned with controlling activities with the aim of ensuring that products and services are fit for their purpose and meet the specifications, inspection is intended to prevent faulty products reaching the customer.
The employees within the commercial section of the firm are looking for one-time bidding or regular projects from various customers, followed by manufacturing concept planning and shipping the merchandise to the end user or to the location of the installation.
All administrative, manufacturing and assembly operations in the company are carried out under the strict supervision of the quality control body on the basis of the ISO 9001 quality management system.